Look and Listen

Look and Listen 2.0

Look & Listen is a very basic cause & effect and visual tracking program

Look & Listen is a very basic cause & effect and visual tracking program. When the mouse, switch or space bar is pressed, an object will move across the screen while cheerful and lively music is playing in the background. The objects are large and colorful. Among the objects included are household items, cartoon images, foods, and many others. There are over 100 graphic objects included and over 35 different songs. The user can either press a switch, the space bar or click the mouse to initiate animation.

Look & Listen is very customizable and even lets you add your own graphics and songs. Songs are in "Wave" format and graphics are in JPEG format. Examples of some graphics you might add may include pictures of the user, their favorite toys or any picture taken from a digital camera, scanner, or even drawn with a paint program. You also have the ability to re-record the auditory prompt that reminds the student to press the switch, space bar or click the mouse. This is useful if you want the student to hear a familiar voice or even customize the prompt in a different language.

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